One of the pages of the JCPenneyKiosk website is officially accessible on to display recurring payments. Allows employees to create and access their accounts on the associated JCPenney Kiosk login portal. Employees should use the default 11-digit password when they first log on to

Employees must enter the initials “JCP” in capital letters, 2 digits for the date of birth, the month and the year, and the last 4 digits of the social security number in the account password. On the other hand, the JCPenneyKiosk user ID is the nine-digit number of the JCP kiosk employee ID.

When accessing the JCPenneyKiosk login portal for the first time, the user can change the default password as desired. The JCPenneyKiosk Connection Portal contains SSL security technology to protect all connections and details. The key to this good performance lies in the encryption of the connection between the browser and the official server of the organization.

If employees need to print their pay stubs on the paycheck form, do the following: –

  • After logging into your JCPenneyKiosk login account, click on “My Money”.
  • Click on the “Pay” tab on the left.
  • Enter dates in the suggested format if employees want to see them right away.

If former employees need payroll information and need to print a copy of the W2 form, the following steps are required for former employees: –

  • Go to the official JCPenneyKiosk login portal site at
  • First, click on the Old JCP Affiliate Kiosk section.
  • Enter the user ID and password. Once employees have correctly entered the data, they should click on the “Login” tab.
  • The page will be redirected to the account area where staff should click Main Menu> Self Service> Compensation & Compensation> View W-2 / W-2C Forms.
  • As soon as employees access, they can view job details, bank statements, working hours and additional data.

With retail being JCPenney’s primary source of income, the well-being of its employees is very important to JCPenneyKiosk. An employee who is happy at work is more likely to want to work and to work harder.

Once employees log into, they can view job details, bank statements, number of hours worked and additional data.